Ready to be your right hand man

Fab Group stands out thanks to the know-how, care and assistance we give our customers.
Our customers receive full assistance, from the initial stages of research and design to the delivery of ready to assemble finished components.

Great care is placed in the management of all equipment and moulds, which ensures high quality and durability. This is achieved thanks to a careful design process, a rigorous planning of maintenance strategies and a precise management
of spare parts.

We always find the best solution possible

High Pressure Die Catsing

Fab Group has several production plants for die casting ranging from 250 to 1000 tons.

Gravity Casting

The Gravity Casting department has a high production capacity and is extremely flexible and can manage a great variety of alloys. We are able to produce parts from a few grams to 50 kilos.

Low Pressure Die Casting

The Low-pressure Casting department allows us to produce castings with high mechanical qualities as well as precise superficial finishes, enhancing aesthetic value.

Finishing Department

Fab Group is able to supply high quality standards finished goods with a range of services, including Shotblasting (Tunnel, Belt, Hook), tumbling, Polishing and Machining operations.

We look for perfection

The quality control team of Fab Group checks each department analyzing and verifying the production process.
As well as the company’s staff, we invest in the best technology available, using 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), X-Ray control systems, Spectrometers, Profile projectors, Poka Joke methods, Calibers and special tests. Regular checks, made by SPC technology, are archived and available for our customers.

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