We design the best result together

High Pressure Die Casting

To best meet our customers’ requests, FAB has automated die-casting islands that vary in size from 250 to 1,000 tons. Every day, our factories produce High Pressure Die Casting parts from 10 g up to 8 kg in small, medium and large series. The raw materials are always certified and the entire process is monitored in real time by our quality controllers, using specific and customized software.

Gravity Die Casting

Since its foundation, FAB has been producing gravity casting components. The machinery in our dedicated division ensures a high production capacity and can manage a wide variety of volumes and alloys, from just a few grams up to 50 kg. This is how we give shape to your technical, mechanical and aesthetic requirements in the form of quality products.

Finishing Department

We complete the production cycle providing, where requested, shot-blasting, treatments (tunnel, belt or cluster), tumbling, polishing, powder coating, anodization and machining operations.